FFL – Detailed

Thank you for choosing to utilize Gunslinger Enterprises, LLC (Gunslinger Depot) for your FFL transfer process. Please follow these guidelines. They will make sure all three parties (buyer, seller, and Gunslinger Depot) are coordinated in their efforts.

Items that can be shipped to our business:
• Long guns, Hand guns, Receivers/Frames.

Items that can NOT be shipped to our business:
• NFA / Class III and related items.
• If any of these items are shipped to us; we reserve the right to destroy these item(s) at our discretion.

Fees for Transfers and Storage of items:
• Long Gun / Hand Gun / Receiver Other Item Fee(s): $25.00 for each transferable item
• Items left after 28 calendar days will incur a monthly storage fee, per transferable item(s), $25.00 per month starting on the 1st day and each month thereafter with a minimum one month service charge.

Seller – Shipping Item(s):
1. The Seller will be shipping the item(s) to Gunslinger Depot; not the Buyer.
2. Packages must be shipped with a tracking method and the tracking number must be sent to Gunslinger Depot at the time of shipment.
2.1. USPS is our preferred courier for handguns. But only FFLs can use this option.
2.2. FedEx, or UPS are required for long guns, they also ship handguns for Individuals.
2.3. Regardless of courier, handguns must ship 2nd day or better shipping method.
3. Do not include the buyer’s name or contact phone number on the shipping label. This only confuses the delivery drivers. Sometimes to the point that firearms have been delivered to the buyer’s house rather than Gunslinger Depot. Not sure how many laws the courier broke when they did that.
4. Seller can be:
4.1. Active Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) – FFL holder must forward a copy of their License to us. This can be done either by sending electronically (email) or including a paper copy in the shipment. If the license is not received, prior to the transfer, we cannot complete transfer. We are not responsible for problems that occur in getting the license from the FFL.
4.2. Private Individual U.S. Citizen – Before we can take receipt of any item(s), from non-FFLs where said item(s) are being shipped, we would like to have the following forwarded to us prior to shipping (email, or US mail is accepted):
4.2.1. A clear and legible photo copy of the sellers Driver’s License (DL). (Can take photo with smartphone or camera)
4.2.2. A clear and legible copy of a bill of sale. The bill of sale can be hand written or typed out and should contain the following: Date (the day you fill out the bill of sale) Full name, address, city, state, postal code, phone number and driver’s license number and expiration date of the seller. Full name, address, city, state, postal code, phone number of the buyer. Full list of the firearm(s) being shipped – Make, Model, Serial Number, Caliber Sales transaction information – Gunbroker / Auction Number Shipping method and tracking number information
5. Buyer should require the Seller/Shipper to insure package(s) as Gunslinger Depot is not responsible for damage to the package and or the contents, including firearm(s) and accessories under any circumstance. Seller/Shipper is responsible to fill out and manage any shipper claims.
6. Forward to the Buyer and Gunslinger Depot the couriers tracking number by email.
7. What should be included inside all package(s):
7.1.1. Sellers Information – FFL’s: legible copy of license, or the Individual’s: large legible copy of Driver’s License
7.1.2. Buyer Information – who is taking receipt of shipped item(s)? Include full name, address, and phone number
7.1.3. Packing slip w/product information – include the manufacture, importer, model number, serial number, firearm type and caliber.

Buyer – Item Availability, shipping and or received status:
Use the courier tracking number provided by the seller/shipper and check with the carrier online prior to calling Gunslinger Depot.
1. Product Delivered: If product has been delivered between Monday and Friday, please allow 24 hours for processing before contacting us. We will call the buyer, provided the contact information was sent with the package, once the product has been received, processed and made ready for transfer. Buyer must have an appointment to pick up packages. A buyer that appears without an appointment will be disappointed if we are busy and or not available to conduct the transfer.
2. Delivery Attempted: Sometime deliveries are not made for different reasons. Most commonly the delivery driver arrived when there was no one here. If this happens, we will arrange for a follow up attempt or have the carrier hold the package for pickup.

Buyer – Picking Up Your Product:
1. Call and schedule an appointment. Please do not show up without an appointment.
2. The following will happen when we meet in person:
2.1. Transferee will inspect the item(s) as shipped by the Seller.
2.2. Transferee will present their valid government issued identification – ID, Driver’s License, Military Transit Papers, Passport, Etc. Presented ID must be legible and or unaltered, not be expired and contain current address.
2.3. Transferee must be 18 for long gun(s) and 21 for pistol(s) and ammo
2.4. Transferee will be asked to complete, sign, and date an ATF form 4473 to perform the required federal background check.
2.5. Transferee will pay the $25 transfer fee.
2.6. Gunslinger Depot will process and submit the form 4473, conducting FBI federal background check called NICs. Once processed, NIC’s will issue a result:
2.6.1. PROCEED – If PROCEED result is issued; Transferee will receive your items(s).
2.6.2. DENIED – If DENIED result is issued; Transferee will not receive your items(s) ever. The items(s) will be returned to the Seller. The actual shipping cost is the responsibility of the Seller. If the Buyer does not agree to pay the shipping charges the items(s) will be returned to the sender via COD and the cost of the shipping will be the COD requested amount of the sender.
2.6.3. DELAYED – If DELAYED result is issued; NIC’s was unable to complete the background check. Transferee will not receive the item(s) at this time. NIC’s may take days to complete the background check and issue their results. We CAN NOT transfer item(s) until we have the proper response from NICs. Even after the three business days (Brady rule) no results received waiting period, the transfer will be on hold. We will have to reschedule to meet at another date and time to finish the transfer.

Seller / Buyer – Abandoned item(s)/Product Ownership:
In the event item(s) is/are received by Gunslinger Depot, on behalf of the Transferee, and the Transferee does not claim product in 30 calendar days and or the item(s) cannot be transferred due to NIC’s delays, from the date item(s) was received, the item(s) will be shipped back to the sender via COD. The COD amount will include any shipping and handling fee(s). If the original sender does not accept the package and or does not pay the COD amount and or the package is returned to Gunslinger Depot for whatever the reason, the item(s) will become property of Gunslinger Depot after a total of 90 days from the original date the item(s) were received, the Transferee will not receive payment for the item(s) value and the item(s) ownership, and any value held, is then transferred to Gunslinger Depot. Gunslinger Depot may dispose of the firearm at their discretion.